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Join several million women who Love the movie!

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At Dr. Isadora's screenings of the Red Tent documentary film “Things We Don’t Talk About” many women became inspired to create Red Tents in their community and they frequently asked her how to do it. During a 3-year period, she hosted more than a 1,000 Red Tents.


In this eBook, Dr. Isadora offers suggestions, based on her experience about how to create a fabulous Red Tent. She will teach you what to “do” in the Red Tent, how to make a Red Tent, how to lead a successful Red Tent, food & drink suggestions, how to promote your Red Tent, music for your Red Tent, and how to bring a Red Tent to a conference. She also offers extensive information and photos about the following:


  • Where to Host your Red Tent
  • When to Host your Red Tent
  • How I Made my Red Tent
  • How to Select Fabrics
  • How to Create your Red Tent
  • How to Hang your Fabrics
  • How to Create a Doorway
  • How to Create a Roof
  • How to Create an Altar

How to Start a Red Tent (eBook)

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